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This step by step guide for teachers will show you how to transform your teaching by using SchooVR in your classroom. Do you want to save time lesson planning and searching for age appropriate resources? Do you want to turbo charge the way in which you use technology in your classroom?

This blog, written by teachers, will show you how to use SchooVR with your students inside and outside the classroom. All you need is a desktop or laptop to get started.

1. Create a FREE account and search our libraries

Save time lesson planning by selecting a virtual experience from hundreds of curated content titles. Our content is created by teachers who are experts at creating engaging educational experiences. Each experience is curriculum-aligned to national standards. 

Assess student understanding in real-time using our on-the-fly assessment builder, quizzes, guided audio, and classwork activities. 

How can my students’ access SchooVR? 

Our mission at SchooVR is to ensure that every student feels engaged in their learning experience regardless of their ability. For this reason, students do not need to create an account to access our content. When a teacher launches one of our lessons, students can join using a unique lesson pin. Teachers can sync their screens with their students or allow students to go on an interactive learning journey.

2. Self-paced and personalised learning resources

We understand that teachers and students might not have access to digital technologies such as iPads or Chromebooks. For this reason, teachers can share an experience with their classes for homework or individual learning.

How can I share an experience with my students?

It’s really easy. When a teacher shares an experience, a unique pin code is created. Teachers can share this pin using several different ways.

  1. Students can take note of the pin code in their journals or diaries. Students can access the tour by going here and entering the pin. Students are prompted to enter their name; this comes in handy when checking on student progress.
  2. Teachers can share the pin code using Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a popular learning management system used by schools around the world.

3. Teachers can add students to their class portal and share experiences with them. Our class portal is a great way for teachers to assess student progress and follow student engagement with their personalised learning tasks.

3. Create authentic learning experiences for your students

Teachers can upload their own resources to compliment our 360-degree learning environments. Our innovative tour creator encourages teachers and students to create content that brings learning to life. Teachers can create 360-degree images of the local area using their smartphones, the images can then be uploaded into the SchooVR platform to view by the students.


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