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Our mission at SchooVR is to ensure that every student feels empowered and engaged in their learning experience, regardless of their ability. Founder and educator Mark Baldwin witnessed first-hand the disengagement of students in his classroom due to not feeling involved in what they are learning about. It was upon conducting a VR demonstration with his students when he realised the impact that visual interaction and engagement had on his students.

Mark Baldwin and Vinny Byrne in the school at the National Children’s Hospital in Tallaght

SchooVR serves not to replace the traditional textbook methods of teaching, but rather work in cooperation with these methods by providing a virtual platform that delivers the same high-quality curriculum-based content in a manner that is visually engaging and empowering for students. SchooVR’s interactive design places students directly in the environment that they are learning about. By being immersed in the interactive textures and landscapes in a digitally familiar manner, student engagement and ultimately interest is heightened, promoting the ‘learning by doing’ attitude. When students are able to engage and interact, learning not only becomes easier but also enjoyable. Our content is created by educators who understand the curriculum demands and are passionate to reimagine curriculum content through technology.

It’s time to rethink the way we teach. To adapt to the times and utilize the tools and technological advancements available to us. With SchooVR, we’ve brought learning to life to create more impactful learning opportunities for students all over the world. 

Welcome to SchooVR. Learning brought to life.

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