Explore Lima

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Explore Lima


In this virtual experience, students will…

  • Investigate the different climate zones in Peru and compare how they affect the daily lives of people living in Lima versus other parts of the country.
  • Analyze the impact of Lima’s large population on its infrastructure and environment, and propose ways to address any challenges that arise.
  • Create a virtual tour of Lima, highlighting its unique cultural and historical landmarks, and explain how they reflect the city’s diverse cultural heritage.

Lesson overview

Lima is the capital city of Peru, a country located in the continent of South America. Peru has a wide variety of climates. Its coastal areas on the west are arid and hot, while the east of the country is part of the tropical Amazon rainforest. The Andes mountain range runs through the centre of the country, and has a temperate to cold climate. About one third of the people living in the country of Peru live in the city of Lima. The population of the city is almost 10 million people. The city sprawls across a large area, and as a result has the nickname “El Pulpo”, meaning “the Octopus”. In this virtual experience, you will explore Lima.



Lesson Plan

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