Explore the Alps

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Explore the Alps


In this virtual experience, students will…

  • Investigate the geological processes that shaped the formation of the Alps, by analyzing the unique features of this mountain range and its different regions.
  • Analyze the cultural and historical significance of the Alps in European history, by examining how they have been viewed and utilized by different societies throughout the centuries.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of human activity on the Alps, by researching and comparing the effects of tourism, agriculture, and other forms of development on the ecosystem and surrounding communities.

Lesson overview

The Alps mountain range, situated in central Europe, is renowned as one of the largest and highest mountain ranges globally. This majestic range stretches for approximately 750 miles (1,207 km) and spans across eight different countries, including Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and France. This virtual experience provides a unique opportunity for you to explore and discover the beauty and diversity of the Alps mountain range.



Lesson Plan

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