Lake Titicaca

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Lake Titicaca


In this virtual experience, students will…

  • Discover the unique features of Lake Titicaca, including its high altitude and its location in the Andes mountains, and investigate how these factors have influenced the lake’s formation and ecosystem.
  • Analyze: Analyze the cultural significance of Lake Titicaca to the indigenous communities living in the region, and evaluate the impact of tourism and development on the lake’s ecology and local traditions.

Lesson overview

Lake Titicaca is a really big and deep lake located in South America, way up in the Andes mountains! It’s actually part of both Peru and Bolivia. One really cool thing about this lake is that it’s super high up – in fact, it’s about 3,800 metres (12,500 ft) above sea level! That makes it one of the highest lakes anywhere in the world.

In this virtual experience, you’ll get to explore Lake Titicaca and learn more about this amazing place!



Lesson Plan

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