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SchooVR experience

Teachers can launch assessment activities, polls, open-ended questions, quizzes and interactive educational content in real-time.

1. Students

Students can access the experience using the unique lesson code. Teachers can view their students by selecting the student icon.

2. Assessment activities

Teachers can launch several assessment activities by clicking on the assessment icon. Teachers can launch polls, open-ended questions and interactive resources. Teachers can also create on-the-fly assessments to assess student understanding.

3. Quizzes

Teachers can launch interactive quizzes in real-time. Teachers can decide to mix questions or show/hide a leaderboard. Each quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions.

4. Teacher sync

Teachers can sync their screens in real-time. Teachers can sync their screens by pressing the sync icon on their experience dashboard. Teachers can sync their screens with 40 devices at the same time.

5. Curriculum-aligned content

Each experience contains curriculum-aligned content. Teachers and students can access this content by clicking on the colourful icons or clicking the audio option.

Updated on October 26, 2020

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