Platform Features

SchooVR is the first virtual reality learning tool developed by teachers for teachers to increase student engagement by creating learning opportunities that they connect with. Imagine geography lessons where students can experience the sights for themselves. Think of the possibilities we can create by bringing history to life as students immerse themselves in another time and place. The power to engage is the power to truly teach, and SchooVR creates engagement by utilizing technology and concepts that students are already familiar with.

With SchooVR, we’ve brought learning to life to create more impactful learning opportunities for students all over the world.

Engaging experiences make learning stick!

SchooVR is changing the game with a pro teaching platform that enhances teaching and learning in your school. Utilizing a blended learning approach that engages students with immersive 360° learning experiences. With thousands of certified educator created lessons containing curriculum aligned course content.

A SchooVR School subscription gives teachers, and their students access to the platform in school or at home. Teacher training is also included in all our packages.

Personalised learning

Teachers can use SchooVR to support student learning in a variety of ways. Help students review key learning concepts by interacting with 360° learning environments, reviewing differentiated content, or completing personalised learning tasks.

Whether students answer a quiz on the Ancient Romans, respond to a poll question on deforestation, watch a video on how hurricanes form, or submit an open-ended response, they’re interacting with content in meaningful ways.

Assessment features

SchooVR supports teacher assessment and reporting needs as well. As a teacher using SchooVR, you will be able to use our resources, quizzes and teaching material to assess student understanding. You can also take advantage of our reporting tools to monitor student progress. Have students upload their assignments to SchooVR so you can provide real-time, formative feedback on their work.

Build amazing experiences

Build educational VR experiences using the SchooVR or Google tour creators. Browse hundreds of interactive panoramas and add your PPTs, PDFs, quizzes and videos. Let your students create and share tours in class or for home learning. 

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