Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids of Egypt date back to the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, which began around 3,000 BC. During that time, Egypt was ruled by kings known as pharaohs.

Most of the landscape of Egypt is desert, and Ancient Egyptians usually lived near the River Nile. The best-known pyramids of Egypt are found in Giza in northern Egypt.

Learning objectives

In this lesson, you will…

  • Explore the Pyramids of Egypt.
  • Examine the lives of people who lived during this time.
  • Identify several Egyptian landmarks.

Curriculum links

Strand: Early Peoples and Ancient Societies

Strand unit: The Egyptians

Suggested Content Objectives

  • Become familiar with some aspects of the lives of these peoples.
  • Examine critically, and become familiar with, evidence we have which tells us about these people.

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