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What is Odyssey 2.0?

Odyssey is a cloud-based WebXR platform that enables teachers and students to create immersive educational experiences on any device through browser-agnostic building tools. Utilizing the latest WebXR technology, it supports both AR and VR in the browser, making it accessible on a wide range of devices including Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, and virtual reality goggles.

Odyssey Features

Teacher created resources

Browse hundreds of curated immersive experiences that are packed with educational material.

Lesson plans

Download hundreds of lesson plans which save educators valuable planning time.

Browser agnostic

Access SchooVR’s platform using any smart device including Chromebooks, tablets, laptops or virtual reality goggles.

3D explorable scenes

Teachers and students can use our building tools to create and explore amazing 3D immersive experiences.

Launch & guide

By clicking a button, teachers can initiate an interactive experience that students can join. The teacher mode allows instructors to explore the content, while the discovery mode lets students immerse themselves.

SchooVR Software

SchooVR is designed to be accessible both online and offline. The software can be easily downloaded and installed on a wide range of devices, including Pico, DPVR and Magellan Android devices.

Odyssey versus the rest - a quick comparison


Competing Systems

Includes hundreds of curated experiences created by teachers – including lesson plans, quizzes, and assessment activities.

Lack curriculum aligned content, lesson plans and assessment resources.

Tour Creator with 1000s of panoramas and videos. Upload 360 videos and panoramas.

Existing Tour Creators only have an upload function and lack panorama choice.

Launch and guide students in real-time. Control what students view – change panoramas, show POIs or send presentations in VR. Student discovery mode allows students to go on a learning journey.

Lack of launch and guide features including the ability to control what students view or discovery mode.

Gain access to our platform directly via your browser, or opt to download the Odyssey Software for both offline and online access. Our student viewer applications are compatible with a variety of devices, including Android, Pico, DPVR, and iOS.

Accessible only by downloading software.

Odyssey supports a range of devices

DPVR Pro 1

The P1 3DOF VR Headset is an all-in-one head-mounted virtual reality headset by DPVR.

Pico G24K

The Pico G2 4K is a 3DOF virtual reality headset manufactured by Pico. It was released in May 2019.

Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 is a 6DOF all-in-one VR system that truly sets you free to roam in VR. 

Android Devices

Supported Android devices include Android 7+ devices. Tablets and smartphones. 

IOS Devices

Supported IOS devices include all iPads and iPhones with the latest Safari or Chrome browsers.

Desktop and iMac

Online and offline software applications available for Windows and iMac devices. Windows 10+.

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