VR Headsets Compatible with SchooVR

We are committed to delivering immersive educational experiences that can be accessed seamlessly on a variety of VR headsets. 

Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3

The Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 are powerful standalone VR headsets that provide high-quality graphics and performance. These devices are known for their ease of use, extensive app libraries, and robust support for immersive learning experiences. With SchooVR, you can harness the full potential of these headsets to create and explore interactive lessons, virtual tours, and 3D scenes.

Meta Quest 2

DPVR Edu Pro 1

The DPVR Edu Pro 1 is specifically designed for educational purposes, featuring a lightweight build and an intuitive interface. This headset provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, making it accessible for schools and educational institutions. The DPVR Edu Pro 1 works seamlessly with SchooVR, allowing educators to deliver immersive and interactive content directly to their students.

DPVR Edu Pro 1

Pico G2 and G3

The Pico G2 and G3 headsets are excellent choices for educational environments. They offer high-resolution displays, comfortable designs, and are optimized for long-term use in classrooms. Pico’s user-friendly interface and strong focus on enterprise solutions make these headsets ideal for schools looking to integrate VR into their curriculum. SchooVR’s platform is perfectly tailored to leverage the capabilities of Pico G2 and G3 for engaging and effective learning.

SchooVR is available on the Pico Business Store

Pico G3

IOS VR Application

The SchooVR application is fully compatible with all iOS devices, allowing teachers and students to experience immersive learning using their iPhones and iPads. The app is designed to be used with simple plastic or cardboard viewers, making VR accessible and affordable for all classrooms. This flexibility ensures that even schools with limited budgets can provide their students with cutting-edge educational experiences.

SchooVR is available on the Apple Store

Apple Devices

Android VR Application

The SchooVR application is also fully compatible with all Android devices, providing a versatile solution for teachers and students who use Android smartphones and tablets. Similar to the iOS app, the Android version can be used with inexpensive plastic or cardboard viewers. This ensures that VR experiences are accessible to all schools, regardless of their budget.

SchooVR is available on the Google Play Store

Android Devices

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